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View Full Version : SL11 Preseason

01-03-2015, 08:27 PM
Sunday 4th of January 2015, 2PM EST/7PM GMT/6PM UTC/11AM PDT


Vanishing's Ladder servers

Seedings will be done randomly.

Style: BO1 double elimination tournament. Top seed (lowest number) picks map from list below, bottom seed (highest number) picks server

Teams can substitute twice during a game. 6 players + 1 sub will start the game.

To encourage teams to try a little more. Results of preseason will be used as a last resort for tie-breakers in the regular season if needed.


1. ball_asteroids
2. ball_cave
3. ball_core
4. ball_cross
5. ball_funnelpark
6. ball_hardcourt2 (original map has gamebreaking suck)
7. ball_grotto
8. ball_ice
9. ball_illumination
10. ball_labyrinth
11. ball_lostcity
12. ball_mayhem2
13. ball_maze
14. ball_planepark
15. ball_skylands
16. ball_snow
17. ball_warehouse

01-03-2015, 08:39 PM
Where the **** is ball? BBQ??????????????

01-03-2015, 09:38 PM
they ded :o 1

01-03-2015, 11:52 PM
I can quickly replace original hardcourt with a fixed version. Prefer version 1 for SL.

edit: fixed version named ball_hardcourt1 is completed and will be on ladder servers tomorrow if you want to use.. seems clear you don't for some reason but I believe most would rather have 1. Re-imported images with some symmetry fixes and proper collision outlines.

rand SL map command re-added but renamed to /voteListMaps in case this is used at all this season. More features will be implemented before the season starts next Sunday (league stats, support for new server commands such as moving players in and out of tournament).

01-04-2015, 06:20 AM
i think the original hardcourt got too much love from people (myself included) constantly repeating "it's good in league just not good for ladder" during a time where nobody actually had any idea how to play the mode

it's fine, but also it's not like a mindblowingly amazing map with irreplacable gameplay. i'm not running the SL regular season, just the preseason, so i wanted to see hardcourt2 (designed by the best ball player ever) maybe get some actual league play for once since we've always used hardcourt1 just because everyone always says it's super good

if DN wants to use hardcourt1 for actual SL matches that's obviously perfectly fine, i just figured since i'm running this event and the games don't actually matter it'd be fun to try if anyone decides to pick it

aside: if i could be added to the admin list this week that'd be great since it doesn't seem like DN will be able to attend, my vapor's 2d834f20-eaac-457e-b5c6-ceae7607b469


01-04-2015, 07:00 AM
I would argue that original hardcourt does have irreplaceable gameplay, no other map in SL plays similarly. This is the main reason I personally really enjoy playing it. It is true there is nothing amazing about the map other than liking the change of pace.

Version 2 is also a good map but games play out more similarly to the typical ball map.

I just finished reconfiguring the servers and don't really want to go back in and change the admin list for tomorrow. I don't think you will miss much not being admin one week. I should be online for the entire preseason tomorrow if we need to ban anyone.

You will be admin by next Sunday.

01-04-2015, 08:30 AM
i agree that hc plays uniquely but i disagree that uniqueness on its own justifies its status as an irreplacable skyleague map that's better in league play than its replacement on ladder, which everyone agrees is a vast improvement in ladder play

i feel like people very easily forget that hardcourt was goddamn tedious. it's not like the map has fascinating obstacle placement or scintillating gameplay elements, the only thing that makes it different from every other map is how stupidly close the spawn is to the goal. i think hardcourt2 is an improvement on essentially every aspect of the original map and if it lacks flavor due to reasonable spawn locations then that is a sacrifice i am willing to make (for the preseason at least)

if you look in the wayback machine you will find dozens of my own posts defending hardcourt and its amazing gameplay that just requires a good team instead of idiots that will only clear down, and you will also probably find posts where i say rev rubber whale is the optimal funnelpark setup and that ryebone is good. the game has moved on since then, and i think it's high time we did too

either way, it's just preseason. DN will probably change it back to original hc for the actual season, i just wanted to see what actual league play would look like on the map for once since nobody even scrims on hardcourt2 due to it not being a tournament map

and yeah, not being admin sunday shouldn't be an issue at all, preseason is mostly just roster management and i don't need server powers to tell people the rules. thanks!

01-04-2015, 01:38 PM
6. ball_hardcourt2 (original map has gamebreaking suck)

17. ball_warehouse

How come warehouse isn't gamebreakingly suck? Do we REALLY want it on the map pool?


01-04-2015, 05:51 PM
not really, but i just copy/pasted DN's map pool from the last sl and changed hardcourt and i imagine he was going to do the same for the regular season. now is probably a good time as any to discuss changes to the map pool for the regular season, i agree that warehouse is pretty awful as well

also, hc and hc2 are different enough that i don't really see a reason that we can't have both in the map pool if we wanted to do that