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View Full Version : Oyster's Cash League

06-09-2016, 02:25 AM
This has been postponed until further notice.

---------------------------------oLDER oP----------------------------------------------

Current prize: $200

Hello ladies and germs.

I've decided to host a cash league now that ladder is ending. I've been wanting to do this for a while now, and I finally am in a position where I can throw a couple hundred dollars towards a prize.

Games will be played on Sundays, at a similar time to past Skyleagues. Right now I would like to begin the first round on June 19th.
I'm not sure what servers will be played on, but I will figure that out before the time comes.

The league will last until each team has played each other in Ball and TBD. One week will also be dedicated to Race mode. Each team will send a representative to race and everyone will compete all at once in a circuit of 4 tracks. The top 2 from the circuit will race head to head on a fifth map to determine the ultimate winner.
A final single elimination tournament using the seeding from the league will determine the ultimate winners. The higher ranked team will get to determine what game mode is played (ball, tbd or race), and the lower ranked team will get to pick the map from a pool that is not yet determined.
I will update with a more concrete schedule once I get a feel for how many teams will enter.

- Teams may consist of up to 12 people
- Game modes played will be Ball, TBD, and Race
- Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss

The prize for the winning team right now is $200 to be divided up equally between each first-place team member.
I've created a gofundme account if anyone would like to donate more money to the prize. Any amount from $1$ to $100 is greatly appreciated. All of the money raised will go directly to the winners. I will mail out cash using the US Postal service, provided the winners give me an address to mail to.
Hopefully I can get CP prizes for the first and second place team as well.
The gofundmelink is https://www.gofundme.com/oystercashleague

Feel free to start organizing your teams now. Once a concrete roster is made, post it here please.

The map pool will consist of the most popular maps in each mode, along with drawing heavily from maps in my catalog. I will also try to make a few new maps specifically to be played in the tournament. I will release new maps before they are to be played to give teams a chance to practice.
If anyone would like to create a map for the tournament, I will accept submissions.

Thank you all! I'll be updating this regularly with more details, so stay tuned.

tomato man
06-09-2016, 12:06 PM
the idea is awesome! but i think it can be a problem to have 2 tourneys together in summer, you shoud organize for well timings with don!

07-08-2016, 07:41 PM
Ladder games are getting extremely boring and cancerous, can we get something like this going? Anything different and new would be greatly appreciated.

07-09-2016, 04:24 AM
Ladder games are getting extremely boring
What/How are you playing in ladder?

Ladder games are getting extremely cancerous

What else is new? No seriously what's going on that you say is cancerous? Bad players?

I think there might be some stuff you can do about the first problem at least...

07-10-2016, 10:47 PM
It has gotten worse, believe it or not. Maybe that just comes with time, but everyone has noticed it.

You're right about one thing though..

07-10-2016, 11:12 PM
It has gotten worse, believe it or not. Maybe that just comes with time, but everyone has noticed it.

You're right about one thing though..

so you wanna actually answer my questions?....

Winters Ark
07-10-2016, 11:31 PM
What else is new? No seriously what's going on that you say is cancerous? Bad players?

In every game you're playing down at least 1.5 players. The player pool has dropped in average skill, plus you have players who refuse to play certain planes in favor of Bip or Randa because they aren't playing their main this season. Admins don't ban poor behaviour like talking after spec chat is called, talking all throughout the game, throwing games, etc.

Now can we get back on topic please?

07-11-2016, 05:24 AM
I am still willing to throw $200 at this, but I want to make sure it is done properly.

07-11-2016, 05:14 PM
so you wanna actually answer my questions?....

Why are all your posts so useless and confrontational:(

@Oyster I can help in any way you want me to, just let me know what I can do.

07-11-2016, 06:04 PM
Why are all your posts so useless and confrontational:(

Nigga I can't help if you don't give me anything to work with

Are you just playing too much ladder that it's just burning you out? Playing the same thing over and over again?
-Play less ladder
-Play different planes (since you can actually play them decently imo)
-Play different setups (^above^)
-Have people give you setups to play (^above^ + I personally enjoyed the challenge of this)
-Play different styles (ie: Jimlad's 'donkey chasing carrot' explodet etc)

I really wish we could create a more competitive atmosphere in ladder, but I don't exactly have many solutions for that other than trying to stomp noobs until they don't want to play in ladder or improve. I also don't really want to flame people for their mistakes like how it was years ago in ladder. "?" was mostly it for me. Maybe we should go back to calling peoples mistakes out more? idk

07-11-2016, 08:28 PM
Yes, ladder hasn't been as fun lately but it is mostly because of less and less active veteran players.

My only real fix to this is to have events where only gold and silver can play. If I did this it would likely be Sundays during the hours where we usually have league matches. If that is successful, we could possibly add some restricted hours during the week.

Other than that I think we really need new game modes to keep thing interesting, but I don't know when I can get them added or if any of them will be popular enough to make a difference.